Mastercool Intellasense II Refrigerant Leak Detector

At the heart of this leak detector is a new low power metal oxide gas sensor with superior performance properties such as lower current consumption and sensor longevity. The new sensor is characterized by high sensitivity and fast response upon detecting the presence of extremely small levels of chlorofluorocarbon gases. For this reason, this sensor was selected and integrated into the 55900 Leak Detector.
In addition, a powerful microprocessor was integrated into the design that automatically selects the best operating condition for the sensor to ensure optimum performance throughout the life of the sensor.
Mastercool Connect Smart Tools
The Mastercool Connect App is used exclusively with Mastercool’s Bluetooth® capable HVAC and automotive service tools and equipment. This app provides full mobility for our Bluetooth® enabled products as live activity can be easily viewed on all compatible hand-held smart devices.

Accu Charge II Electronic Charging Scale with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Mastercool’s electronic charging scale with Bluetooth® wireless technology features an extra-large LCD display for easy reading from any angle and features three display modes. With a high capacity of up to 243 lbs (110 kgs) it is easily one of the best on the market. Included in this package will be the capability to download our free Mastercool Connect app. This will allow for full mobility as activity can be easily viewed on all compatible hand-held smart devices.

Hydraulic Flaring Tool Kit

Mastercool’s Hydraulic Flaring Tool kit features a tube and die set stabilizing arm for easy tube forming while the magnetic adapter holder keeps adapters in place. This unit is equipped with an enlarged die set compression area for better grip of dies. Create perfect production quality flares on annealed stainless steel tubing, terne plate steel tubing, soft aluminum and soft cooper tubing.

Visual Inspection Sight Glass

The condition of the refrigerant in your A/C system is an important factor in the proper operation of all components and overall cooling efficiency. The only way to actually see the condition of the refrigerant in your vehicle’s A/C system is with the use of the Mastercool visual inspection sight glass.

Spartan Smart Manifold with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Mastercool introduces the new SPARTAN series smart manifold with Bluetooth® wireless technology. Offered in 2 way and 4 way options, this manifold will display pressure, vacuum, temperature, and will automatically calculate your superheat and subcool. In conjunction with this manifold will be the ability to download our free Mastercool Connect app, which will provide full mobility as activity can be easily viewed on all compatible hand-held devices.
Join the Spartan revolution and move with us into the future of A/C diagnostics and service.
Digital Vacuum Gauge with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Mastercool compact hand-held digital vacuum gauge with Bluetooth®  wireless technology combines the most advanced features to provide quick and accurate responses every time. Utilizing a state-of-the-art glass beaded thermistor and temperature compensation, Mastercool is offering the latest technology to the HVAC/R technician.
High Precision Charging Scale
Mastercool’s high precision charging scale accurately measures small cans of refrigerant for charging systems that need a precise charge.
Multi-Function Medical/Surface Infrared Thermometer

Mastercool’s non-contact infrared forehead thermometer can measure the infrared heat generated by the central forehead and surrounding tissues to accurately reflect body temperature. This thermometer also features an accurate, easy to use surface mode.
Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Mastercool’s Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer with Bluetooth® wireless technology works with our Mastercool Connect app to remotely provide dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature and relative humidity.
Mastercleanse Flush Machine

Mastercool’s “MASTERCLEANSE” large volume flush machine is designed to flush all HVAC/R and automotive systems. “MASTER CLEANSE” will be commonly used for removal of all solids and residues caused by breakage of compressor or filters. Designed with durable roll-away wheels and handle, this machine can conveniently move as needed.
This video guides you through the setup, menu and operation of Mastercool’s Commander4000 R/R/R Machine
This video guides you through the setup, main menu and operation of Mastercool’s Commander1000, Commander2000 and Commander3000 R/R/R Machines
Mastercool USA introduces its new ARCTIC COMMANDER line of RRR machines. Equipped with the latest technology, all models come standard with an 8” color touch screen command center. The graphic interface will enable navigation through all of the functions and features with the greatest of ease. There is no longer a need to read any external instructions or paper manuals, simply sit back and watch as the information is played on the color command center.

Achieve Subcool or Superheat Readings in 3 easy steps…
1.) Enter refrigerant
2.) Enter pressure from gauges
3.) Clamp thermocouple on proper tube
Mastercool’s new A/C System Analyzer is an all-in one tool that not only calculates critical information for the air conditioning system but also diagnoses basic system problems. The LCD display leads the technician through basic tests making service quicker and less complicated. The A/C System Analyzer is able to calculate: Actual Superheat, Subcool, Target Superheat, Temperature Split, Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb, Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Air Velocity and Air Flow Volume.
The A/C System Analyzer easily guides the technician in determining if the refrigerant charge is correct. No calculations or charts are needed. Easily save test results under a customer and technician name and even download the data for future reference.
Featured On: Motorhead garage
The “Motorhead Garage TV Series” with the original “Dynamic Duo” of Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman, formerly of Shadetree Mechanic, and Two Guys Garage, bring the audience step-by-step installations by the latest innovators in technology.You will either find Sam and Dave in their home garage; or taking the audience on the road, as they travel throughout the country visiting the heart and soul of these industries.Sam and Dave find Americas best in the auto/truck industries, to explore the latest in technology. The series continues to evolve, and constantly throws the team, a wide array of mechanical feats on Fox Sports Network (FSN) national television series each Sunday, (prime-time) at 11:30AM, and Mondays at 4:30PM (nationwide). Don’t forget to check your local listings, as times could vary.

This revolutionary new design allows the user to perform Electronic and UV Leak Detection all with one tool. The “INSPECTOR” offers six levels of sensitivity (15 levels of detection) with a tri-colored LED indicator. This allows the “INSPECTOR” to pin-point leaks as small as 1/10 oz per year. The ultra bright UV light is built into the end of the probe allowing easy access into tight areas. Incorporating both electronic and UV technology into one unit insures that even the toughest leaks can be found. (patent # 6,647,761)

Kit covers all R12 & R134a system valve cores for Standard, JRA, Eaton and GM Large Bore. (patent# 6,253,436)

Automatic. Programmable. Recovers and Recycles Fast. Programmable Recharge. Database Includes Refrigerant Capacities. For Over 1000 Vehicle Makes and Models. Auto Air Purge. Auto Vacuum Test. Auto Oil Discharge. Auto Filter Alarm. Design Certified for Compliance with SAE J2788

Mastercool’s patented “Hydra – Krimp” makes crimping barbed and beaded fittings as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! The lightweight hand-held hydraulic press is very portable and ideal for shop and field applications. The kit comes with a complete set of dies covering hose sizes #6, #8, #10, #12 and reduced barrier #6, #8, #10 and #12. The dies snap quickly into the press fixture requiring no pins or screws. (patent# 6,324,884)

Includes: 70057 Eccentric Flaring Tool, 71685 Inner-Outer Reamer, 70033 Heavy Duty Tube Cutter for (1/8 – 1 1/8″) 4 to 28mm O.D. Tubing (1/4 to 1″ Nominal).

The 71550 is our “manual style” A/C hose crimper. The dies snap quickly into place requiring no pins or screws. The unit can be easily mounted to a bench using the holding fixture or held securely in a vice. This kit comes with a complete set of dies covering standard hose sizes #6, #8, #10 and #12. (patent # 6,324,884) *Optional reduced barrier sizes are available.

Kit consists of expander heads 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 1 1/8″, 1 3/8″, 1 5/8″, 2 1/8″, Hydra-Swage 71601, Large Adapter and Inner-Outer Reamer.
72029, 72035

Mastercool’s New EZ Tube Cutters offer the latest “Reduced Friction” technology! Our new reduced friction design incorporates ball bearings into the cutter wheel, tube rollers, and a control knob. Reducing the resistance in these hgh friction areas allows the cutter to roll fast and easy as it slices through the tube. The new “Reduced Friction” design is sure to save time and reduce fatigue!

Mastercool introduces the most advanced and user friendly Digital Manifold on the Market today! This manifold offers a large easy to read LCD that displays Pressures, Saturated Temperatures, actual temperatures, Superheat and Subcooling temperatures for over 60 refrigerants. When used with the clamp on Thermocouple connector it will display the actual temperature and automatically calculate the superheat or subcool temperature. When vacuum sensor cable is attached to the manifold it will display deep vacuum. To insure lasting performance and durability the manifold case is constructed of ABS material and protected by a rugged rubber boot. The technician now has a fully functional manifold with the intelligence to quickly access and deliver the accurate information needed to do the right job!

Includes Refrigerants and Oil Capacities for over 1000 Vehicle Makes and Models.
This manifold offers a large easy to read LCD that displays temperature, pressure and vacuum readings for R134a. The unit easily allows the technician to obtain refrigerant and oil capacity readings for 55 automobile manufacturers. This unit also performs systems leak check at the conclusion of the evacuation process. To insure lasting performance and durability the manifold case is constructed of ABS material and protected by a rugged rubber boot. The technician now has a fully functional manifold with the intelligence to quickly access and deliver the accurate information needed to do the job right!

4-WAY BALL VALVE Digital Manifold + Data Logger Application

Record and store up to 24 hours of data or 15 jobs. Over 60 Refrigerants. Displays Pressures, Saturated, Actual, Superheat and Subcool Temperatures. Clamp-on Thermocouple Connector displays Actual Temperature and Automatically Calculates Superheat or Subcool Temperature. Vacuum Sensor Cable displays Deep Vacuum. Ball valve design includes 3/8” bore through the block for increased flow