Thank you for submitting your information.  The Filter Code is 2412MSTRCL.  Please see below for instructions on how to enter the code into the system.  If you experience any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact us during our normal operating hours: [Monday – Friday, 8:30 to 5:00pm EST at 973-252-9119]

Code Instructions:

To enter the code, use the keypad to input the first character.  Then push the DOWN arrow key to move the cursor one place to the right. Input the second character.  Then push the DOWN arrow key again, etc.

To input a letter, continue to push the appropriate key until the letter needed appears.  Once the entire code is visible on the screen, push ENTER. The machine is now ready to be used.

NOTE:  If 4 dots appear on your screen, this indicates machine is not ready for the filter code. Press STOP then RESET to go to the main screen.